June 12th, 2006


Gardening by Neglect

I've been neglecting my garden even more than usual lately, which is saying something. I'd gotten disheartened by some seriously invasive plants, and that had led to me ignoring the garden in favor of Warcraft, which of corse led to things just growing. On the other hand, faced with the first dry weekend day in just about forever I decided to take a peek.

I'm so glad I did. While the garden is even more horribly overgrown than normal, its still far from the original condition I found it in (the entire space covered in maple saplings, brambles and assorted weeds). The bleeding hearts were still in bloom and the columbine was going strong. Not only that, but both species were colonizing. Some bleeding hearts had somehow gotten all the way to the other side of the yard. Also, the fancy weird columbine (Nora Barlow?) had self seeded two addition plants that were clearly the same variety. Another happy thing was seeing just how much some of the perenials had grown. There was this clump that I had planted as one old fashined bleeding heart, a fern, and some other shade plant with purple flowers. It had looked all sedate when I planted it, but now they've grown and sort of merged together like some monster plant. It was very cool looking with both the pink bleeding hearts and purple flowers. It will look less dramatic when the bleeding heart dies back and the purple thing quits blooming. The hostas have also increased in size and beauty. I originally only got hostas reluctantly because there is so little that grows in deep shade, but now I love them. How could you not love a plant that just gets better and better looking the more you leave it alone?

I'm feeling more inspired now. Maybe I'll actually do something about the overgrown shrubs. I am also considering giving in on the totally organic path and getting some roundup to deal with the knotweed since no amout of pulling up seems to work.