May 25th, 2006

Summer Hat

I don't do psychic code development

I insist on not using my vast psychic powers for code development. Sometimes co-workers seem a bit baffled by this.

One of my little sidelines here at work is the care and feeding of the little FTP monitor that my group uses. This is a little utility that takes files that are sent to a certain directory and magically forwards them around to appropriate other directories based on the naming conventions of the files.

Now someone from the other group my boss manages (he was landed with a new fiefdom a while back) needs files to go somewhere, and my boss told him that my little thing would solve his problem. Sure enough, I got it working for him on our development box, not that he ever bothered to come back and confirm with me that it was working there to his satisfaction. A little while ago he came by my cube and said that they'd released the code to live and the files aren't showing up. Being distracted, I of course told him that of course not, the thing needs to be restarted, oh and by the way did you remember to change the permissions on your target directory on live like you had to on dev? He had not. So he walks away. Then it finally hits me... was he suggesting that he'd released my code without consulting me? Its possible since its checked in and all, but that struck me as highly unlikely. So I check, and sure enough the code on live is the old version. I am left to wonder just how it was that this person expected my stuff to magically get released when they released whatever stuff it was that they released without him so much as telling me it was even working properly for him on our development machine.
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