May 3rd, 2006

Summer Hat

There's a reason for the M.

When I was very little I spent a lot of time listening to Andy Stewart records. My parents owned them, and the songs were simple and funny and accessible for a little kid. Of course most of the albums are from the 60s, so finding any of his stuff in CD is nigh impossible, and trying search engines is often terribly frustrating because there is another Andy Stewart who is a Scottish folk singer. The Silly Wizard guy, Andy M. Stewart, is more recent and still doing stuff, so he's a lot easier to find. I'm sure he uses his middle initial because he knows about the problem and is doing his very best to make identification clearer. Sadly, the rest of the world is not cooperating. I even found a lyrics sight that listed lyrics for both men under the same name. Um, 'Take me Back' and 'Queen of Arylle' are both great songs, but they were not written by the same guy, honest. I was very pleased to learn today that at least Wikipedia can tell the difference. Well done. Now if they could just tell me where I can get a CD with 'Take Me Back' on it...