March 20th, 2006

Summer Hat

Work boots

The guy from Metlife who came by to have a look at my car today was pretty confident in his assessment of what happened. He believes that someone jumped on the hood of my car. Someone wearing work boots. He pointed out the faint footprint that I had missed in the smudged road salt on the hood.
Court Shoes

I am full of good advice...

...but sometimes I'm a touch too truthful.

One of the MITBDT rookies came up to me on Saturday and asked for advice on finding a dance partner. I told her all the standard things, like you should use the partnersearch web sites. I told her that is was tough for tall women to find partners in a sport that more women take up than men. I also told her that the best way to find a partner was to improve her dancing. She quite rightly pointed out that without a partner to practice with it was difficult to improve. I suggested pro-am lessons if they were within her means. When she didn't seem terribly enthusiatic I told her about the benefits of dancing with a more experienced man. That's when I got a little too honest. "You're probably not going to find a man to dance with who is better than you are unless you're paying him or sleeping with him." Um, yeah. To top it off, I'd also just recommended Dan as a pro-am instructer, so who knows, she might end up doing both.