February 21st, 2006

Summer Hat

Dancers are Scary

As I suspected, having read dcltdw's entry before the event, the karate people were running a tad over in the T club on Saturday. The ballroom dance team has the room for an hour after them, and Warren and I use it to teach the rookies. Since I was forwarned I simply had the rookies change their shoes outside, and I doubt we lost any teaching time worth mentioning. The rookies were very understanding too, some of them had apparently done karate in the pasts and agreed that belt tests were important and of course they can run a few minutes over.

When the changeover happened the karate instructer apologized for having run over, which was very nice of him as it really wasn't a big deal. Dave's comment was more amusing: "We fear you." Sure Dave, a room full of martial artists and you fear the ballroom dancers. Then I realized the karate people were all barefoot whilst I was wearing pointy high heels.

What made it an amusing exchange was imagining their reaction to the Spanish Dancer From Hell who often has the room after us. Not only does she wear shoes made for stomping things, but she flies into a rage if the room isn't empty the very second she shows up. Quietly changing your shoes in the corner is apparently not good enough. Happily I haven't seen her since I called her a b____.