Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Fertility Clinic...

So when last we left the saga of my reproductive life, I was waiting to do “The Clomid Challenge” which is not a clever marketing campaign but a hoop the insurance companies make you jump through before they’ll approve you for an IVF cycle after you turn 40.

I spent Friday June 10th frantically trying to get my meds. The prescription had been sent to the wrong pharmacy, then the right pharmacy didn’t get the fax, and finally I had to figure out what insurance covered prescription drugs. It was helpfully NOT listed on the benefits web page, and while generic Clomid is so cheap it doesn’t really matter, I wanted the pharmacy to have the correct information before I started burning through $300 worth of Menopur a day. I perhaps didn’t need to rush so frantically, but I had this terrifying thought of my period coming a few days early on Friday night and not having my drugs on hand for Sunday.

As it turns out I need not have worried. My period was not early. Nor was it on time, which would have been the middle of the following week. My period has always had error bars on it of a couple of days, so this was not a stunner either. Warren encouraged me to test. We had “bought a lottery ticket” as my euphemism goes, but the chance of winning the Mega Millions is one in 175,000,000 and I estimated my chances of a natural pregnancy to be somewhere in the same ballpark. I told Warren I would test on Monday, June 20th, a full 35 days since the start of my LMP. In my experience from the dark days of 2004 and 2005 nothing brings on my period faster and more reliably than peeing on a home pregnancy test. It was like magic. I’d breakdown and test and within an hour I’d be bleeding. Monday was perfect because if I started my period on Monday I wouldn’t have to go in for blood work on a weekend, thereby avoiding extra hassle.

All through the distracting weekend of Margaret’s birthday there was no blood, so first thing Monday morning while my kids slept off their overstimulation I went a peed on a stick in order to release the floodgates on the tidal wave of blood that experience has taught me must surely follow. Instead I saw something that I have never seen before – a positive home pregnancy test. (In case you’re wondering, I never did home tests during my IVF cycles. Repeated negative experiences with them in ’04 and ’05 have left me a touch superstitious about the things.) Naturally the first thing I did was check the expiration date on the box, but supposedly the test was still good. I made Warren check the test, but he thought it looked positive too.

My plan was to call the fertility clinic right after I handed the kids over to Hongmei. I was just coming back upstairs from doing that when the fertility clinic called me. It was a bit surreal. They were calling me because my primary care doctor had emailed them over the weekend about the mammogram that I never took, and she wanted that done before I cycled. (My PCP means well, but I think she just really wasn’t listening when I explained to her last winter that I felt I didn’t need a mammogram at 40 given my family history, and besides, I was still nursing Duncan and planned to keep nursing him for as long as I possibly could.) So there the clinic was, having been harassed into calling me about getting a mammogram before I started my Clomid, and I had to break in with, “About that…”

Naturally the clinic people were excited, and wanted me to come in for a blood test. I put that off until Tuesday the 21 because at that point I was running pretty late and I still needed to get gas on my way to work. The initial beta came back as 2831, and the second beta two days later was 4697. The clinic was happy to have me come in for an ultrasound, which we did this past Tuesday. The tech was really great. She measured the fetal pole at 2mm crown to rump and even found a heartbeat. Based on the ultrasound measurement my due date is February 24, 2012. We’ll be going back on Tuesday, July 12th for a follow up ultrasound since it is all very early and tentative, but for now I am cautiously thrilled.
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