November 4th, 2005

Summer Hat

Boston Volkswagon

Their service has gotten better. Apparently I was a little pissy about them last time (I think it took longer than expected, and I normally wait there while they do the work), but they have redeemed themselves.

I never realized that their mechanics apparently work until midnight. When your breaks have been making a disturbing grinding noise, and you need your 40k checkup anyway, this is a good thing to find out. I took the leap and dropped the car off at 5pm last night, at it was finished by 8pm. They even called me in there to let me know how much the new brakes were going to cost, since brakes aren't covered by warrenty. I can't even be upset about the brakes failing. Given how poor Midnight gets driving as a result of the crazy way people drive around here its probably a miracle that they lasted this long. Also, if the brakes are going to go bad on me, I really appreciate the fact that they started to make a loud, annoying, impossible not to notice noise rather than just suddenly failing to stop the car.

The car was finished last night, but I didn't go pick it up until this morning. I suppose I could have gotten Warren to drive me out there, but he got home just as they called, and he was really stressed. He did not need to go back out into the traffic that had been contributing to his stress, what he needed was to beat up some orcs in the Arathi Basin. When I woke up this morning, I suddenly realized that I hadn't told them about the broken latch on the armrest compartment. I was hoping they could fix that. They were very kind, and even though there were no mechanics free the guy who I spoke to behind the counter went and did it himself. That was pretty cool.

Oh, and they also took care of all the minor little recalls on my car without me having to poke them about it. That was nice too.
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