June 8th, 2005

Summer Hat


So, for the just completed England trip I did some advance planning. Instead of arriving at the airport and desperately searching in their pathetic shops for a book I could read on the airplane and during other periods of waiting that the trip would entail I purchased a book that I actually wanted to read. (I also purchased another book to start reading at home before I left so I would finish the book designated as airplane reading too soon, how's that for clever?)

The book in question was Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Once upon a time if you'd asked me who my favorite author was I would have said Robin McKinley. That was back in the high/school early college. Then she wrote The Outlaws of Sherwood which I hated. Her next book was almost as good as her first three, though. Then her work started being stuff I felt lukewarm about, but I bought the books because I so loved the first few and I kept hoping. Sunshine has her back in form.

Most of her previous work has been set in her imaginary kingdom of Damar, or in its environs, or classic fairy tale land. Outlaws is about Robin Hood, so you know where that it set. Sunshine is different. Its a vampire novel. Its actually a pretty interesting vampire novel, too. I was worried about the genre shift given how much I hated Outlaws, which was the only non-fairytale before Sunshine. Sunshine was really good though, so I guess I have to keep buying her books.