February 15th, 2005

Summer Hat

Unlucky, or a reason to be grateful?

So, my company is a spate of coolness payed for me to go to Linux World yesterday to attend some seminares. Go them.

Of course this meant a morning rush hour commute on the T for the first time since 2001. No problem, I thought. That's the stop next to where Armin's studio used to, it should take me 30 minutes if I'm lucky and 40 minutes if I catch the trains exactly wrong.

Well, that's what I thought.

My first seminar was due to start at 9am, registration opened at 8am. Being a morning person these days, I left my house at 7:50 and figured I'd get there in loads of time to register and hang out. Sadly, when I got to Davis Square it became clear that this plan was foolishly optimistic. There were annoucements about a disabled train, and a very crowded platform. To make a long story short, it took me 75 minutes to reach my destination, so I ended up being about five minutes late to the seminar. Good thing I left early.

The whole incident reminded me of just how happy I am about driving to work. I know its evil, and bad for the enviroment, and costs me buttloads more money, but I like it. Its faster most of the time, and those times when it isn't, I find that being stuck in traffic isn't anywhere near as bad as being stuck on the T in one of its breakdowns. In my car I can control the heat/AC, I have a comfy leather seat, I have a stereo, and I have privacy. Needing to pay attention to what is going on is a small price to pay for such ammenities.

To add insult to injury, for the trip home I decided to swing by the Cambridgeside Galleria so I could go to the Godiva shop there. Warren had run out of Godiva cocoa just in time for Valentine's day, so it was clearly my mission to resupply him. Since I was starting out on the green line, I figured the logical thing to do would be to take the green line out to Lechmere. Well, I arrived in North Station and discovered that the green line no longer goes all the way to Lechmere! I had to get a bus transfer, and follow a path of cleverly hidden signs to where the shuttle busses were running several blocks away.

I'm not sure if the T is much worse than I remember it being, or if I was just really unlucky yesterday. Suffice it to say I opted to take a cab home from the Galleria.