January 12th, 2005

Summer Hat

Sea Gulls

Coming out of the gym this morning the parking lot was full of Sea Gulls. There are always a few in Porter Square, but usually nowhere near that many. Of course there was heavy sleet coming down at the time, which would explain why there were more gulls further inland.

It reminded me a lot of growing up on Long Island. Whenever it got stormy out, or the seas were rough, you'd see the gulls. They'd fly inland to where our house was and camp out on the suburban lawns until the rough weather was over.

I think that I'm currently living farther away from the sea than I ever have in my life. Obviously that isn't saying much. I don't think I'd ever want to live very far inland, whih is ironic because I always tell people that I hate the beach. Actually, that's not very accurate. I love the beach if there's a heavy overcast, its the sun I can't stand. I have lots of childhood memories of going to the beach and developing a terrible headache from the sun, which is why I say I hate the beach when people bring it up. Still, I can't imagine life without sea gulls.