November 30th, 2004

Summer Hat

Clean Diamond

One of the things we did over the weekend after Warren's mom left was to drive down to the store where Warren bought my engagement ring and get a ring checkup. This is a bit of an undertaking as the store is in the Hannover mall, which is a ways a way. We used to take lessons at FADS Hannover, so it was a lot more conveinent back when we were making a weekly trek that way anyways.

The neat thing about getting a ring checkup (aside from assurring that the diamond doesn't fall out of a loose setting) is that they clean the ring for you in their industrial strength steam cleaner. Strangely enough, when you wear a ring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it gets dirty. Its not dirt that you can see with the naked eye, but it gets into the setting and makes the diamond less sparkly. It had actually been a few years since I last got the ring cleaned and its amazing how much more sparkly the diamond is now.