November 22nd, 2004

Summer Hat


The annual great raking took place on Saturday. I filled five bags. I think this is less than previous years. Our neighbors have been much better about raking this year, so it seems that I had fewer of their leaves to rake. Also, with the early snow, a lot of leaves got washed into the street, just in time for the street cleaner to come by and get rid of them all. I'm looking foward to not having to do the annual late November clearing of the drain during a pouring rainstorm; it looks like the upstream neighbors were good enough that there aren't enough leaves left on the street to fill our drain.
Summer Hat

Goodbye Cloud

The roofers came today, and they wanted the cars in the driveway moved. Warren called and said that this means dealing with "Cloud", who has been sitting in the driveway with no plates for two years now. He's called a towing company and retrieved the title. By now, Cloud will be gone.

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