November 10th, 2004

Summer Hat

Heated Seats

Its hard to believe that a little over two years ago when I bought my car that I though heated seats where a frivolity that I was getting just because they came in a package with some other stuff I wanted on the car.

This isn't the first morning I've used them since the cold weather arrived, but it was the first morning of the year when they were really key. When you leave your house at dawn on a November morning and the temperature is down in the 20s, heated car seats are just the thing. You see, they get warm a lot faster than you might think. By the time I've driven the couple of blocks from my house to powderhouse circle I can feel the warmth. That's much faster than the actual heater, which hasn't really started to produce hot air by the time I've arrived at the gym in Porter Square. Sure, the heat is only on my bottom and lower back, but it kills the shivers as soon as it comes on.

I love my car. Its one of my guilty pleasures. I took the T to work everyday for ten years. For a long time I didn't own a car and was proud of the fact. Public transportation is so much more environmentally friendly and responsible and all that. Then I got a job out in the suburbs, where taking public transportation was technically possible, but not really workable. I discovered that driving to work everyday isn't so bad. It actually takes slightly less time tham my last T commute downtown did. There are occasional bad days, like the day last winter when it took me four hours to get to work, but I was warm the entire time (heated seats!), I didn't have to deal with hoards of people crowding me, and I had my choice of the radio or CDs to keep me entertained. I'll admit that shovelling out is no picnic, especially since I park on the street and get plowed in along the entire drivers side, but that's about even with picking my way along icy sidewalks to the T shop when half my neighbors haven't bothered to shovel at all.

It may be cold today, it may end up being cold for the next five months, but I have heated seats!
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