October 20th, 2004

Summer Hat

Run Guest Stars

Whenever I have someone "guest star" in the run I wonder why I don't do that more often. Its a little more preperation work for me, but the run itself is always way less stressful. It worked particularly well last night. I think part of that was that two of my players were off on their honeymoon and therefore not at the run. Next time when I'm up to the full quota of six players and I have a guest star the room is going to be crowded, and it may get into a situation where my regulars are losing out on spotlight time in favor of the guest.

Its the spotlight time problem that keeps me from having guest stars more often. I think the only reason why my players have put up with my run for the past five and a half years is that I really do try to share the spotlight time around evenly. Its not always easy. Some people are just better at grabbing the spotlight than others. Guest stars always have an advantage in grabbing the spotlight, so they do need to be used sparingly. I'm currently blessed with a group of players who work well together and mostly share the spotlight without my intervention, which is great. My theory is that the if the players all think that their characters are cool they'll be willing to forgive all manner of goofs on my part. I believe I have ample evidence to support this theory.

In other news my players seem to think that I'm not going to be in any shape even to be entertained after the wisdom teeth removal thing next week. Hmm. The oral surgeon made it sound like it was no big deal. He said I should take it easy for a couple of days afterwards. Now my friends are telling me that at most I might be able to lie on the couch and watch a movie. Hmm. Clearly my friends are more credible here because the oral surgeon is the one with the incentive to lie about the procedure.