Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

A Princesserific Birthday

On Saturday Margaret turned three. We didn’t have a little kid’s party partly because Warren and I don’t have unambiguously happy memories of such events in our childhood, and partly because I am lame. On the other hand, we did have helium balloons which were a huge hit.



There was also loot.




We didn’t set out to make it a Disney Princess themed event, but it sort of ended up that way. Margaret is very into princesses and Tinker Bell, and we happened to stop at the Disney store a couple of weeks ago, so that’s what we ended up with. Also, why is it that the Disney Store is just about the only place that sells nightgowns for little girls? Margaret much prefers nightgowns to PJs, but the other places we shop for off the rack kids clothes never seem to carry nightgowns. I suppose it doesn’t matter, I’m happy to put her to bed in her new sleeping beauty nightgown, and if Disney is the only place that understands the little princess demographic I guess that isn’t surprising.

The new clothes for the grandparents were also a hit. Margaret has started to voice a desire for pink, though she still loves orange too. Duncan also got some new clothes and has been excited the last couple of days because I’ve started letting him pick out his shirt in the morning.


Oh, and I discovered that princesses move furniture! Actually, if you look closely, you’ll see that they did recruit Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty to move the stove, but all you can see of him is his red cloak.


Oh, and I never got to post about the Dragon Boat Festival that we went to a week ago. It was fun, though it was nigh impossible to tell what was going on with the races. I later learned that our company team won the corporate division, so go them! We had a good time in spite of the fact that Warren and I spent most of our attention on keeping the kids from falling (or leaping from the bridge) into the river.

I couldn’t resist dressing the kids up for the occasion.




We stopped at our park on the way home.


It was a cold day for June.


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