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Shoe Shopping Difficulties

I ordered new shoes today. It sounds so simple, and yet it wasn't.

Blackpool is fast approaching. For those of you who aren't twe, jcatelli, or dcltdw, "Blackpool" in this context means the British Open Ballroom Dance Championship, the most important competition in all of Ballroom. (Yes, its more important than the World Championship.) It takes place the last week of May in Blackpool. Warren and I are going again this year, which means we need new shoes.

So, after procrastinating for far too long I finally got around to ordering our shoes. Sure, the competition is several weeks away, but I need to dye my shoes to match my ballgown, so we need them sooner than that. Happily we know exactly what we want. One pair for him, and two for me because I want a leather shoe as well for parties.

I called the US company that sells all sorts of dance shoes. I started off by asking if they had Warren's shoe (Supadance style 4000), because its a less common style and I though they might not carry it. It turns out that they had carried it for a while, but had discontinued it and didn't have anymore. Well, I'll have to order that one direct from Supadance. So I started ordering my shoes, which I thought they would have. So I tried to order my court shoes. It turns out that they're out of Supadance 1016s in my size as well. That's a little bizarre, since its got the be the most popular court shoe. So, hoping to give the poor woman on the phone something to do I tried to order the leather court shoe. It turns out that they're also out of that style (Supadance 1008) in everything except flesh satin. Oh well, time for plan B.

Plan B involves ordering directly from Supadance in England. They have a web site you can do this on, but it seemed to not list all the options available so I opted to call them. Since I needed to do this during business hours in the UK and when I was awake this meant calling them from work. (I don't actually wake up until after my workout.) This also meant using my cell phone, because I was not about to call another country using the phone on my desk. My company is cool, but international calls on the company dime is not something I'm going to do.

Transatlantic calls on a cell phone aren't so good for clear transmission. They seemed to have everything and to understand me, but the quality of the line had me rattled. I'm pretty phone phobic, so this was a big deal for me. Dialing internationally isn't much more nerve racking than normal, but not being able the hear clearly was a big deal. Now I just have to hope that they heard me OK and we get the shoes that we wanted.
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