Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Weighty Concern

I’ve been meaning to post about Duncan’s 1 year checkup, which happened 11 days ago now, but I’ve been a bit too busy frantically cramming food down his throat.

OK, I’m not actually force feeding him. I’ve actually been doing the even more time consuming task of offering him tasty morsels as frequently as I can in the hopes that he will eat them. You see, at birth Duncan was 8 pounds 7.3 ounces. At his 1 year checkup he was 18 pounds 3 ounces. For those of you unfamiliar with the growth patterns of babies, they ought to gain more than 10 pounds in the first year, not less. They especially ought to if they were big babies. The typical rule of thumb is that a baby triples their birth weight in the first year. The fact that Duncan has only done a little better than doubling his birth weight is a cause for concern. More concerning to me that just the weight, though, is the fact that his height is now way below average. I would expect Duncan to be slender based on genetic factors, but with a 5’7” mother and a 5’11” father he has no business being short.

There was the great puking plague that visited us in January, so perhaps the fact that he’s fallen down yet another curve in weight might be down to that. Actually, the great puking plague as explanation seems to be the only thing that has our pediatrician continuing with a wait and see approach instead of going to intervention. We have a weight check scheduled for March 10th. Hopefully Duncan will put on a good bit of weight before then. I certainly hope so, because I want Duncan to grow up to be tall and strong, though staying lean is fine.

Whenever I look at the numbers I am freaked out. “Less than 3rd percentile for weight and 9th for height? WTF???!” Then I interact with Duncan, and his behavior would give you no clue that there is anything wrong. He walks, he talks, his flips light switches, follows simple commands, and demand that I read him every single board book that we own several times in a row. He does everything I would expect a precocious one year old to do, except outgrowing his clothes.

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