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In which there are many small projects on my needles.

Snapdragon Flip-Tops

I got the yarn I needed to finish these, and now Hongmei has mittens to go with her hat. This is a good thing because the gloves she had didn’t look warm enough. I think these ended up a bit too long, but she wears them. Of course given the weather she’d have worn nearly anything that was warmer than the gloves she had.


Mom’s Lady Sweater

To be honest I have not been enjoying this project. I’m not sure why, maybe a combination of it being my second go at this pattern and the larger size. Maybe now that I’m done being burned out on cables I’m burned out on lace. It is a large sweater so it’s not exactly a surprise that it’s taking over two months to do, but I really feel like I ought to be done with it now, and I still have the sleeves to do. Oh well, next month for sure!

Fuzzy Feet

Back in the pre-ravelry days I made a bunch of fuzzy feet and other felted booties as a way of using up wool leftover from afghans and other projects. Two of those pairs went to my sister and her husband who apparently have been using them a lot. Over Thanksgiving weekend Johnny showed me the hole in his over skype and requested a replacement. I figured this meant Margaret needed a replacement too, so I made planned to make booties for both of them, plus a pair for Kaden as well. Jett is too young to need slippers, but I plan to make him a wee pair of socks so that he is not left out.

I actually did not have enough feltable remnants is my stash for two pairs of adult slippers, so I ended up buying yarn specifically for this project, with the thought that I would also use up some of what little feltable aran and bulky weight I did have. Since the request was made over Thanksgiving, my yarn store trip happened in conjunction with a bunch of Christmas shopping. The result was three skeins of Pastaza Paints: two in green and one in red. Thus we have Christmas themed slippers even though I didn’t start knitting until January.

Margaret’s were done first, here’s the pre-felted version:


Post felting:


Johnny’s were next, with most of the last of the bulky purple providing a tad extra padding at the heel and ball of the foot. You probably don’t need both pre and post felting shots, so here’s the finished product:


Kaden’s used up the last scraps of the three purchased Pastaza Paints skeins, plus a little more purple bulky:


This was my first time using the Pastaza, and I recommend it, at least for felting. The “paints” meant it had that pretty handy-dyed shading that I’ve become addicted to, and the 50/50 wool/llama mix was pleasant to work with. It felted beautifully, and it made a warm, dense fabric. It was not as soft as I’d want for a hat, but it was just the thing for felted slippers. I was also pleased that I managed to use up all three skeins entirely, plus most of the remaining purple wool.

Just Hoping Baby Sweater

Partial skeins of yarn have been collecting on my desk as I finish projects. It was getting a little out of hand. Since three of them were the same brand of sock yarn I decided to start a baby sweater to use up the scraps. Two of the partial skeins were brown and one was green, so I started out striping the smaller amount brown with the green. I think the two browns are similar enough that when I ran out of the one brown the transition to the other brown isn’t very noticeable. The narrow striping pattern I’m using helps with that; I’m alternating two rows of each color. When I run out of the green I’m going to need another color of scrap sock yarn, but I have a sock yarn project that I’ve been meaning to do for ages that should generate some grey leftovers.

This sweater is the “just hoping” baby sweater because it’s doesn’t have an intended owner yet. Basically I’m just hoping that either I or someone within hand-knit gifting range of me will be expecting a baby by the time the sweater is complete. Given my past experiences I don’t want to go down the path again of accumulating a stash of hand knits for a not-yet-conceived baby of mine, so in spite of my wish for a third child this one isn’t getting stashed so that it can mock each failed cycle. Actually, I’m thinking with the colors I have it would make a good gift for a friend, but we’ll see.


The picture isn’t an accurate representation of current progress. I’m almost at the point in the pattern where you separate the sleeves and the body, which is fairly far along given the mitered construction.

Replacement Hat

As I mentioned in the last yarn review, Margaret lost her beloved red hat. I have now produced a near exact replica. I was originally going to sub in a different yarn, but Warren’s opinion was that the baby cashmerino was softer, and so I went with the same yarn, same beads. If she losses this one, I may have problems because I don’t have enough of this shade of beads left for a third hat and the color is only sporadically in stock.


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