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The holidays happened. We did Yule vigil in our new and improved with kids fashion, namely that we did it in shifts. I went to bed with the kids, leaving Warren to take the first shift, then I took over at 4 am. It was much more sane than everyone staying up all night. The oldest of our three vigil candles, one that we've used for at least the past ten years finally got used up last night. This is why we use multiple candles, and it's a way of marking the passage of the years, I suppose, when we rotate in new candles.

Yesterday was a complete loot-fest for the kids. Duncan got four teddy bears and two dump trucks. When you're a not-quite-one-year-old boy I guess people think along the same lines. Margaret got a wider variety of stuff, from a small train set to a new doll. I wanted her to have a good quality doll since she started showing an interest in dolls, and got her an American Girl baby doll. It was a hit with Margaret, and I'm pretty pleased with the quality (if not thrilled with the heavy marketing of accessories, which I am ignoring), and this may be the start of a collection. At least they are much better looking than the two dozen Cabbage Patch dolls her namesake collected.

Warren's mother is staying with us, and she, I and the kids went out to dim sum in Chinatown on Christmas Eve. I could totally go for Cantonese style dim sum as a new Christmas Eve. tradition, or at least whenever Warren's mother is here to order for us.

My parents are celebrating Christmas with my sister and her family in Southern California. I'm pretty sure it looks more like Christmas here, what with the big storm that's just moved in, but given that I need to get into work tomorrow morning that may not be so ideal.

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