Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Bits, Pieces and Chunks that I should have posted before now

I’ve wanted to document Duncan’s method of kissing for a couple of months now. It’s something I really want to remember. Duncan’s current method of kissing me is to bit my chin. He’ll open his mouth wide and get as much of my chin in there as possible. A time or two he has actually latched on and gotten some good sucking action complete with the tongue thrusts that are common to a breast-fed baby’s nursing habits. It is wet and sloppy and I absolutely adore it. Ten years from now my darling son will probably never give me anything more interesting than a chaste peck on the cheek. I fully intend to cherish the sloppy I-eat-your-face baby kisses while they are available. (If due to the strange permanence of the internet a girl friend of Duncan’s happens to read these words many years from now, let me assure you that you are in for a treat because my boy is an awesome kisser.)

Duncan’s first tooth just started poking through this past weekend. I discovered this at the park when fishing a piece of gravel out of his mouth.

It was over a month ago, but the last time we went out to a dance as a family some random guy asked me for a viennese waltz while I was nursing Duncan, and didn’t seem to get it when I indicated that I’d love to but I was busy at that particular moment. He was embarrassed when I had to point out that I was nursing the baby. I was using a Hooter Hider, but they aren’t that subtle. I find it a bit ironic because I so rarely get asked to dance these days when the kids are sleeping at the dance, or off being held by Suzanne, the woman who runs that particular dance.

We cancelled Margaret’s ballet lessons. At the beginning of November a new session started, and suddenly the class when from four kids to ten and Margaret’s participation level dropped from low to nonexistent. We gave it another week, but the class filled up to the maximum of 12 kids, and even though Margaret was well fed, rested and dry she still did not participate at all. Getting everyone ready and out the door at a specific time was stressful to me, and not worth it if Margaret was going to spend the entire class ignoring both me and the teacher. We can revisit if Margaret starts asking about ballet or giving some other positive sign of interest. Perhaps she distains ballet as an inferior form of dance and we’ll just have to wait until she is old enough for ballroom lessons.

We recently asked Hongmei to speak only Chinese to the kids and it has been a huge success as far as I am concerned. Margaret clearly understands a fair amount of Chinese, and her English has also started improving since the change. I’m also picking up the odd word or phrase, but I’m very unsure of my pronunciation. I’m pleased that the kids are getting Chinese immersion, I really want them to be bilingual, and even if they weren’t part Chinese I’d probably pick Mandarin as the most useful language they could learn.

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