Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

9 months

Yesterday was Duncan’s 9 month doctor’s visit. He’s scrawny.

At 17 pounds 2 ounces, Duncan’s weight has dropped down in the percentiles for the second visit in a row. It’s enough that it isn’t just a breastfed baby thing, and while our pediatrician doesn’t seem panicked, he urged us to try to be sure to give him calorie-dense solids. I’m also going to start doing a midnight pump as I did with Margaret to get him more milk for the daytime. I really hate getting up in the night to pump, but I want him to get enough to eat, and I’d prefer that he get as much breast milk as he wants, so we’ll try the extra pump because I prefer that to supplementing with formula (provided it works, of course). The good news is that while his height is also down in the percentages it’s not down as much, and his head circumference is as robust as ever. The frequent doctors visits with babies can be inconvenient, but I sure am glad we can catch these issues while they are easier to correct.

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