Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Fair Haired Boy

When Margaret was about Duncan’s age I remember taking a picture of the back of her head to show the whorl pattern on it. It was the first feature of hers that I really noticed when she was born. Duncan also has a similar whorl, though his is much blonder.


I expect that his hair will darken with age and it will probably by light brown by the time he hits the double digits in age, if not before. I’m sure it will look just as good as it changes, but right now I’m enjoying the gold. Also, the lock at the top of the whorl cracks me up the way it is thicker than the rest of it. When he was younger and his head was pointier it used to stick straight up. Of course there are no pictures of that because I kept a hat on him all the time his first several weeks so the big lump he got on his head from bumping against my cervix would go away. (Keeping his head warm was supposed to help with that.) As you can see now, his head is very nicely shaped now. I can just barely make out where the lump was now, and only because I knew exactly where to look.

The feature I noticed first with Duncan was not his whorl but his size. He’s not huge, but he’s bigger than Margaret was. This is a shot I’ve been wanting to get ever since we started transitioning him to 12-18 month size clothing. This is his first time wearing this hand-me-down 12-18 month sized outfit.


It just so happens to be the outfit that Margaret was wearing when we brought Duncan home from the hospital.


To be honest, she’d outgrown it. In the confusion during the two days I was at the hospital Jomkwan (who normally didn’t dress Margaret or come to the third floor where we store her clothes) had just grabbed the first outfit she saw… which was in a clear plastic bag of recently-outgrown stuff that I had been about to store in the crawl space. These two pictures may be comparing the kids wearing the outfit at opposite ends of it’s period of usability, but still, it’s a time-flies moment when my baby boy fits in the outfit his big sister was wearing when he came home.

In other news, Duncan remains popular with the ladies…


The girls are one of Margaret’s classmates from ballet and her older sister. (You can tell the two girls are sisters because they have the same hairdo.) Hopefully we are teaching Duncan from a young age that the guys who can dance are the ones who get the girls.

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