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September Yarn Review

I’ve decided that “review” is better than “update” since I post about the month in yarn retrospectively.

Assisted Hatching Baby Sweater

I finished this sweater. Actually it sat around for a week or so before the end of the month while I dithered over buttons. I am hoping to get the pattern up in PDF format on ravelry soon. It need to finish the sleeve write-up, add a picture, and PDF-ify the result.


Travelling Woman

I had an odd skein of Sundara sock yarn left over from the Seasons yarn club that I’d wanted to make into a small shawl for a while. The color is called Brambleberry, and I love it. It’s mostly brown, but with green and plum highlights. I am craving more of this color, especially in either a silkier or more heavyweight base. Fortunately for my efforts to reduce my stash it has not been available.

Having already done the popular Ishbel pattern twice I decided to try the Travelling Woman pattern, a free shawl pattern that is also quite popular. This was a mistake. The pattern works well enough that I didn’t decide to rip out the shawl and do something else instead, but only just, and keep in mind here that I am really reluctant to rip out and abandon a project. Like Ishbel, this has a center section worked in stocking stitch that has a set of increases every other row along a central spine, and increases each row at the edges. Unlike, Ishbel, though, once you get to the lace portion there are no longer increases along the central spine. Because lace is stretchy you can mostly get away with this, but it bugs me no end that the geometry of the shawl isn’t uniform. Also, the main lace pattern is over 14 stitches and 12 rows. This means that there has to be a fudge factor at the ends on the final right-side row of the pattern so that the math will work out to an extra 14 stitches on each end for the second lace repeat rather than the 12 you would get organically. With Ishbel the math all just worked with no fudging. So, my advice to my nerdy knitting friends is give this pattern a pass.


Purple Shaded Buttony

I’m not sure what the weather is like in the part of China that Hongmei is from, but I’m told the summers are pretty steamy. When Hongmei arrived she only had a small backpack with her and a carry-on sized suitcase, so I know she didn’t come with a lot of clothes. (Jomkwan arrived with two huge suitcases.) I’m worried that she is really short on warm clothes. I’d been meaning to try this pattern in this yarn for quite some time, and this was the perfect excuse. The yarn is left over from a kit I got that contained almost double the amount of yarn actually needed for a sweater. I love my purple cardigan, but I really didn’t need two different sweaters in five shades of purple in my wardrobe. It’s bulky wool, so it’s a fast knit and should be warm. It’s a top-down raglan, and I’m currently a few inches past the underarms. I’m hoping to have it finished in time for Hongmei’s birthday later this month.


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