Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Things That Go Bump...

I had a dream last night. I forget what the beginning part was, but the second half was that some other woman was there to take Duncan away from me because the embryos had gotten swapped at the IVF clinic and he was genetically hers. (This is not terribly implausible, in rare cases embryos have been mixed up.) I believed the embryo swapping part, but in the dream I was protesting that Duncan had to stay with me because I was the only one who knew how to comfort him.

You can read all sorts of things into dreams if you try. I suspect that the immediate cause for the dream was the fact that I’d finally stopped using the bassinette last night and Duncan was in the crib all the way on the other side of the room instead of right there beside me. Add to that some recent stuff about a prominent blogger who had a troll comment that she wasn’t her second son’s “real” mother because she used donor eggs that cycle and one gets a good combo for the subconscious to strike with. I’m reasonably certain that I am Duncan’s “real” mother in every sense a person could mean. I don’t think there was any mix-up with the embryos. I’ve known all along that I had a strong preference that my kids be genetically mine, but all I can say is if there was some tragic lab mix-up in real life I am not giving Duncan up. In the dream, I was the one Duncan wanted and I wanted him too, and that part is no different than real life.

Having Duncan several more feet away from me may have been unsettling, but it was long overdue. He’s been sitting up for months, crawling (slowly) and pulling up for weeks, and has recently added primitive cruising to his bag of tricks. He does tend to cry before waking up enough to move, but leaving him in the bassinette any longer would clearly be tempting fate.

In other Duncan news, but boy is very interested in solids. He is especially fond of meat. While Margaret took a long time to accept any meat other than pork, Duncan is not so picky. He will happily devour minced roast beef, and tiny salmon flakes. Of course he also loved pulled pork. With two kids devouring the stuff we’re going to have to up our weekly Red Bones order even more.

Oh, and if you read the yarn update where I talked about a certain sweater I made you will know that I was initially disappointed with the yarn being much less blue and much more green than pictured. Well, random people keep telling me that the color matches his eyes exactly, so I guess it was all for the best.


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