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I guess the trip was a success... sort of - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
I guess the trip was a success... sort of
So tonight Margaret had a tantrum when she asked for Warren's father and I then tried to get away with having her talk to him on the phone instead of magically producing him in the flesh from a thousand miles away. I should enjoy my aura of omnipotence while it lasts because a dozen years from now she will likely believe that I know nothing and can't do anything right.
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enugent From: enugent Date: August 17th, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think your omnipotence is already being undermined by your failure to produce Warren's dad in the flesh. You'll be lucky if it lasts to age 5.

Last month, Tom went on a business trip and he talked to the three of us on Skype a couple times. When he came home, Howard was demanding, "talk Daddy on computer?" even though Daddy was physically present. Sort of an inverse tantrum, I guess.
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