Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Two Small Things

I haven't had time to mention yet, but...

Someone at the park on the weekend asked if the kids were twins. Duncan was sleeping in the stroller at the time, so I guess the size difference was less obvious. I expected to get this question in a few years when I expect the size difference to be smaller, but I was a bit startles to get it when one is walking and talking and the other is still unsteady sitting up.

Warren put a Charlie Baker 2010 sticker on the stroller the weekend before last. It seems to have gotten removed by someone the following Thursday. I did not remove it, and I'm pretty sure Warren didn't and it seems doubtful that Hongmei did. Thursday, however, is the day the stroller is typically parked outside of Stella Bella toys in Cambridge. I guess even pro-choice, pro-gay marriage republicans are unwelcome enough in the people's republic of Cambridge that random passers by might remove their campaign stickers.
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