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Dinner at the Julien

Since it was Warren's birthday yesterday we went to the Julien for dinner. We go there for all our birthdays, his and mine.

I'm not into writing about food in my journal they way some people are. The truth is, I just don't normally get very excited about food. You'll just have to trust me that the food at the Julien is worth the fancy price they charge.

Of course the experience isn't just about the food, amazing as it is. Its an excuse to get dressed up and go out somewhere really fancy. Warren and I both like getting dressed up, so this is a big bonus to us. We're often the best dressed people there, and the staff seem to treat us extra-well because of it. That brings me to another aspect of the experience, the staff. This is the only place that we go where we know the waiters are doing this because being a waiter is their career, not just something they're doing to make money in the meantime. We see nearly the same people every time we go, and its clear that they take pride in what they're doing.

I suppose another thing I like about the Julien is our personal history with the place. Long before we started dating, I used to work for Warren, and we worked a couple of blocks away from the Julien. At the time, the restaurant served lunch. (Alas, hasn't in a long time.) Also, at the time our company had a policy of doing employee reviews over lunch and paying for a very nice lunch. So for my first review Warren took me to lunch at the Julien. It was really nice, and getting a good review and a good raise at the same time made it seem extra-good. Of course there was nothing romantic about that lunch, or the other two we had there. We were both with other people at the time and we didn't start dating until a year and a half after Warren left the company. Still, it has good mutual memories for us going back almost as long as we've known each other, and we've certainly had plenty of actual romantic dinners there in the meantime.
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