Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Baby Care

You know you’ve had a rough day when your two-year-old tucks you in.

The weekend started out well enough. I took the kids to Lexington park on Saturday for the first time since “our” park reopened. We ran into vorpalbunny and kids while there and had a generally good time. I think Margaret has now officially passed vorpalsquire in height. That seems impressive when you take into account the one year age difference, but it’s much less impressive when you take into account the parental height differences. The older girls were nice to Margaret, though Margaret was mostly just interested in doing her own thing.

Saturday morning I thought we were mostly over the cold. Margaret was pretty perky, and Duncan only had a sniffle, and I seemed to be successfully fighting it off. I had toyed with the idea of dropping by chenoameg’s, but then I realized it would be bad form since we seemed to be only mostly over the cold, and there was a chance there were still viable germs for baby S to catch. It’s a good thing I realized that.

Margaret was in fact mostly over the cold, though she still had a bit of a sniffle and cough thing going on. I was vastly mistaken about Duncan and myself, as it turned out. I felt OK first thing on Sunday morning, but then I got a clogged duct in my right breast, probably because a very congested Duncan wasn’t nursing well, and things rapidly went downhill. I got the cold in full force and there was the whole clogged mess which I had to try to pump clear because Duncan could barely suck and kept throwing up mucus. While my own misery was pretty miserable, I have to say the low point was holding Duncan over the sink while he dry-heaved. Way to celebrate turning six months old little guy. I don’t mind taking care of sick kids, but I do feel so badly for them, especially when they are so little. Margaret at least can blow her own nose these days and seems to understand when I offer her comfort, though it’s still tough to see her sick too.

I did manage to give both kids a bath Sunday evening, and I think I am now mostly unclogged. Duncan fell asleep right after the bath as was nursing a bit better overnight. After the bath though, I collapsed onto the couch just as soon as I had Margaret’s pajamas on her. Margaret pulled the blue afghan (“blanket!”) over me. Then she tried to use the bulb aspirator on me to clear my nose. Then she curled up next to me until it was officially bedtime. Thanks to her expert care I am feeling much better today. I am very lucky to have a little girl who takes such good care of me.

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