Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Strange Favorites

I am often in a rush these days, like this morning when I was desperately trying get some pictures off my camera between dropping the kids off with Hongmei and heading into work. I often try to steal 5 minutes of personal time in this interval, but it's not a lot. Anyway, in order to not be terribly late I just pulled the pictures off and uploaded them to flickr without editing the odd ones out first. These days there are plenty of odd ones, as Margaret has taken to grabbing the camera and playing with it and taking some odd self-portraits.

Anyway, one of the size effects of having my flickr account viewable to the world is that the world apparently does view it at times, and sometimes strangers will fave the oddest pictures, such as this picture that Margaret took of the front of the dress she was wearing:


A favorite? Really? Clearly I am art impaired.

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