Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Half a Year Worth of Yarn Update

For a few months there I was pretty good at doing a yarn update at the start of every month. Then I went and had my second baby as the next one was due and fell off the yarn update wagon. I think it’s time to resume the yarn updates, or at least get caught up…

Since I quit updating I have made a muff and a sweater for Margaret, a hat, a blanket and two sweaters for Duncan, a sweater for the baby my sister is expecting in mid-August, and a cozy for my new camera. I’m also almost finished with a shrug for my sister, and I’ve started a new sweater for Duncan.

Three of the baby sweaters are from a pattern that twe found on ravelry. I saw hers and jumped on the bandwagon (as did firstfrost). It’s a clever mitered baby jacket, and as a means of turning sock yarn into tiny baby sweaters I prefer it to the more popular Baby Surprise Jacket. After the first one I did the edging in single crochet instead of applied i-cord as I found it faster. Below is a picture of the one for my sister’s baby which does a good job of showing the miters.


I’m on a big use-up-my-stash kick. I’m doing reasonably well. The primary function of the baby blanket was to give Duncan a wool blanket for downstairs or in the stroller that I wouldn’t have fits over if it were to be lost. (Jomkwan lost a blanket I was fond of, though thankfully not a hand-knit, and I’ve been paranoid about lost blankets ever since.) The secondary function was to use up all the Swish DK I had left over from another project. It serves both purposes admirably.


Keeping Duncan warm is a major project motivator these days. It turns out that Warren is even more of a fiber snob than I am, and he correctly points out that cotton blankets are not ideal for keeping warm, thus the need for a new wool blanket for Duncan. Duncan has also outgrown all the sweaters I have made for him to date. Before Duncan was born I didn’t think he’d need wool sweaters to be wearing in July, but as it turns out he does. He is so sensitive to cold that I am finding myself dressing him in wool sweaters while I put Margaret in cotton sundresses. Currently he has only three sweaters that fit him. A yummy warm wool sweater by firstfrost, a mostly acrylic sweater by my mom, and a baby cashmerino sweater that I made for his big sister. That’s not enough to see him from one load of laundry to the next, thus the urgent need for wool sweaters. I’ve loaded my ravelry queue with little sweaters and vests, and thinking slightly mad thoughts about semi-matching sweaters for both kiddos. At least the mad plan there involves getting rid of some old knit-picks indiscretion stash, so I can avoid wishful yarn buying.

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