Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

End of the park drought

The park near us reopened on Saturday. I'm glad it wasn't closed as long as I had feared. Still, nine months of being closed was enough. On the other hand, needing to trek over to the other park made for a good excuse to visit Meg.

I like the new park, though it's not a universal improvement. I think that two handicapped swings out of a total of six swings is overkill. One for the park seems like an excellent thing, but why do we need two when wait times for toddler swings has been known to be tantrum inducing already? I have seen a handicapped kid at a playground exactly once, and while there may be more in the future what with the more accessible playground, I don't think they'll be anywhere near a third of the population. I can only guess that since the swings are split up on two different sets that there was some well-meaning but boneheaded law that said each set had to have a handicapped swing.

Since the playground reopened on a hot weekend, I am reminded that best thing about our playground is an old feature: the shade. Lexington Park has next to none.

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