Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Random Update

Why is the T terrible every single time I try to take it? Either I am cursed, or the T is really bad. I suspect a little of each. Monday’s two hour trip home was truly spectacular, but the previous time’s handicapped-entrance-not-working-unless-you-had-a-pass trouble seemed more targeted at occasional T users with strollers. Cambridge Honda tried to cope with yesterday’s fiasco by attempting to set up an after-hours pickup, but of course the only station we didn’t spend five minutes idling at was the only one with cell phone reception. Bonus points to Cambridge Honda for calling me back after the call dropped. This is why I drive to work.

We’re all looking forward to Hongmei’s arrival. Cat is fine, but she’s temporary. Margaret still misses Jomkwan. Whenever her name comes up in conversation she hopefully asks, “Jomkwan?” Yeah, kid, I knew losing her was going to be traumatic, but I hadn’t planned on it happening so suddenly and unexpectedly.

Cat does not have her own computer, which means I am having to leave myself logged out of mine so she can use the guest account. This is non-optimal. Jomkwan came with her own laptop, and I guess I took it for granted. We bought the Airport when Jomkwan arrived and that was that. Being a nerd I kind of feel that computers are like toothbrushes – each person should have their own and not be expected to share. I don’t know if Hongmei has one, but if not I think I want to buy her a netbook to use. I understand you can pick one up for about $300. Does any one have suggestions? I need something that can talk to the Airport and will run a web browser, and that’s about it.

Ravelry is cool. Someone who works for Plymouth Yarn saw one of my projects and asked for permission to use it in the company yarn blog. I am insanely flattered by that sort of thing. http://blog.plymouthyarn.com/2010/06/03/naturale-knitting/

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