Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Care Update

Margaret is not a fan of the Backup Day Care. I believe that we are lucky to have it, given the childcare chaos we’ve been experiencing. I also think the center is well run, clean, and populated with friendly people who like taking care of children. On the other hand, I am not a big fan of trying to get two kids under two out the door each day and dropped off, and Margaret justifiably hates the commute home through the big dig at rush hour, which has been taking over an hour due to traffic. Today’s commute home (I’m writing this at lunch for posting later) is due to be interrupted by picking up Cat, our temporary au pair, from South Station. Cat is Thai, and I’m hoping that Margaret will be more likely to accept a new person for the next two weeks if she speaks Thai. (Cat is a nickname, I have her real name at home in an email, but it’s a longish Thai name and Cat is so much easier to remember.)

One amusing thing I discovered through using the backup care was just how proprietary Margaret is when it comes to Duncan. I gave harrock rides home a couple of days, and that involved him helping with the pickup. Margaret clearly was not pleased with the idea of Jerry carrying Duncan in his car seat. I had to reassure Margaret that it was OK, Jerry was not attempting to steal her little brother. Margaret was also highly displeased when the other toddlers in her room gathered around Duncan’s car seat when I was dropping her off in the morning. She had a definite air of ‘Hey, that’s my toy, don’t even think about playing with him.’

Have I ever mentioned that when Margaret is really, really angry at me she with shout “No, no, no,” while wagging her finger at me? I am sure she would be deeply offended if she knew just how funny I found her righteous finger-wagging rage. It is the cutest rage ever.

Duncan does not currently do rage. He does soft bleating if he is hungry or cold, but he’s been extra content every since he learned how to shove his fist in his mouth and self-soothe that way. He’s also rolling these days, both back to front and front to back. He seems to prefer to be on his belly, at least until his back muscles get tired. He’s a happy baby who enjoys smiling at his big sister.

I seem to have strayed from the topic of my child care saga. I found out today that Hongmei’s visa has been approved, so she will fly to the US on June 14th, and we will get to meet her on the 17th and will no longer be living in the time of unsettled arraignments.

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