Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Important Dates

completely forgot last week that May 14th was the one year anniversary of Duncan’s conception. Poor second child, but I think it’s understandable that I forgot given that we were all sick and the lack of an au pair is making life a tad unsettled. We miss Jomkwan.

So, one year ago today the little guy was probably implanting in the lining of my uterus. You’ve come a long way baby.


Today is special for other reasons too. It happens to be my sister’s birthday, and it is also my 10th wedding anniversary. Yay.

Warren had forgotten about the anniversary part until I called him up to ask if we wanted cake this year. We had gotten a Rosie’s cake every year to commemorate it, but last year he barely ate any because it was way too sweet for him after going on the paleo diet. I also didn’t want the calories, and didn’t want a still sick toddler to get hopped up on all that sugar, so we’re breaking the tradition. It’s OK. My parents only rarely remember their own wedding anniversary on the day (January 8th) and they’ve been together for 44 years now, so clearly remembering the anniversary is not necessary for a successful marriage.

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