Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The Potty Looms

Margaret is sending definite signals that she is ready to start potty training. I've been pointedly ignoring them for a while, but really, the only way she could get much clearer about it would be to write "Hey Mom, potty train me already" on the wall.

Potty training is the one aspect of parenting that I find really daunting, probably because I remember bits and pieces of that period of my life and how much it sucked. Long story short, my Mom went back to work when I was six months old, leaving me in the care or a woman I did not like who tried to potty train me way too early. I'm not keen on the whole potty training thing, and I also hate parenting books, so I won't read a how to manual. Oops.

I could look on the bright side, with Margaret it's not beyond the realm of possibility that she might just figure it out for herself. Perhaps we should just set up the small potty and start buying her pull-ups.

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