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Update on the Mac Mini Betrayal

So, it turns out that older Apple Cinema Displays are not in fact compatable with the Mac Mini. Apple wasn't exactly doing its best to inform people of this however. Also, reading the Apple discussion forums it turns out that owners of more recent, supposedly compatable Cinema Displays are having similar issues to the "colored snow" that I was having. I'm feeling pretty bitter about the whole thing. Basically I thought the deal was that I'd pay a little extra for the Apple stuff and then I wouldn't have to worry about crap like this.

The conclusion is that the Mac Mini is going back to Microcenter, and hopefully Warren will buy a new computer real soon now and I'll get his quicksilver. It'll still be below the specifications for Warcrack, but nowhere near as far below as the machine I'm attempting to play on now is.
Tags: not my day, warcrack

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