Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

I've been meaning to ask...

I've been meaning to ask this for quite some time, and I given up on finding the perfect wording for the question, so this will have to do. I'd love it if people included thoughts in the comments.

Poll #1548030 Responsibility

Do you think it is preferable for people who make responsible choices to benefit from those choices in some way that people who make less responsible choices do not?


This question assumes that not everyone makes responsible choices.

ETA: Yes, I realize that it is an excessively broad question, though people have made it even broader than I realized. What I had in mind was responsible choices that did have a benefit, i.e. you pay your credit card bill on time and the bank is less likely to raise your interest rate. I was not thinking of scenarios where irresponsible people were deliberately hurt, as in firstfrost's example of not hiring smokers, but I did not want to exclude situations where limited resources might be allocated unevenly, i.e. giving scholarship money to good students.
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