Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Park musings

Just when I thought it was park season again we're getting more rain. Rain yesterday, rain today, rain predicted for tomorrow. That means no park this afternoon. No park on Tuesdays is bad. Jomkwan is taking a class on Tuesdays, so she gets off at 4pm on Tuesdays so she can get to her class on time. Kid wrangling is easier with a park trip.

Speaking of parks, the one near us that closed just after labor day last year is still closed. So far they've removed the old equipment, paved the entire thing is asphalt and added a few boulders. All that in six months! I am both unimpressed and unsurprised. Warren's initial prediction was that they'd finish the park just before elections this fall, but upon seeing their 'progress' he felt that even that cynical assessment may have been overly optimistic.

In the meantime I still go to the park near Meg. I walked last Saturday when it was nice, but since January I had taken to driving my van over and parking near there. Between the pulled muscle (which is finally mostly healed) and the cold weather it seemed best, if not as healthy and environmentally friendly as I would prefer. I liked visiting Meg over the winter, but I want my nearby park back, darn it!
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