Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Guest Starring is Fun

I got to guest star in Hippocratic Oath on Saturday. I'd done it once before and had a blast both times. I tried to be good about not hogging the spotlight.

I played the same character as I had the last time. She's been dubbed "our favorite crack-head" by the PCs. One of the great things about guest starring is that you get to play a character that the GMs have created for you. This means its not the typical "Elizabeth character", and I'm forced to play something a bit different than I usually pick for myself. Playing a drug-using character is interesting that way. I'm so anti-drugs myself that it just wouldn't occur to me to try a character who used them, much less one who wasn't concerned about the addiction. The only thing I've ever been addicted to is caffine, and I quit cold turkey over four months ago (except for small amounts of chocolate). On the other hand the character has some qualities that I really identify with, like stubborness, independance, and an penchant for single-minded determination. She's a fun character to play.
Tags: roleplaying games

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