Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

A Few Things

At my 6 week postpartum checkup the NP put the mandatory question as "I know with your history you probably think you don't need birth control, but do you want to talk about it anyway." When I asked she admitted that she was required to ask me about birth control. I expressed my plan to do absolutely nothing about birth control and she was fine with that.

Duncan is now wearing 3-6 month size clothing. I know my friends who gave birth to 10 pound babies (or 8 pound preemies) will be unimpressed, but Duncan is a big boy by my standards. Right now he's a big boy clothed mostly in his sister's more gender neutral hand-me-downs, but luckily we were gifted with some warmer stuff in that size since all the 3-6 month stuff I see for sale online right now is summer stuff. Today he is also showing off my mother's handiwork.


I wish I had could get a picture of Margaret kissing Duncan. It is the cutest thing ever. Sadly Margaret is more interested in the camera that the cute thing she was just doing whenever I pull it out. Also cute (but is a scary way) is Margaret's use of the word 'careful'. I've been saying it to her a lot of late, and while think I'm fairly far away from the helicoptering end of the spectrum, when I say it I generally mean 'Dear gods, please stop doing that, I'm having visions of rushing to Children's Hospital with a child in a coma.' Margaret has taken to saying it in similar situations a lot, but she seems to think it means, 'Hey Mom, look at this cool stunt I am doing.' Won't this be great fun when Duncan is also mobile.

My crocuses are blooming; this makes me happy. Mind you, it doesn't make up for having to replace the downstairs water heater after the basement flooded, but I'm enjoying the fact that the park is once again an option for childcare time.

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