Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Future Plans

Duncan is six weeks old as of today. He coos at me and smiles at both Margaret and me. He has this awesome one-sided smile thing he does sometimes. Margaret is a wonderful big sister to him, and is in the process of adjusting to shared attention. She is also suddenly very into books, which I love. She's also into longer and more complex books, her new favorite is Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. I love them both so much.

The important thing about the six week mark is that it's time for my six week postpartum checkup; it's scheduled for tomorrow with the nurse practitioner. This is when one tends to get cleared to resume a certain intimacy with one's husband. It is also when the health care professional is expected to ask you a certain question, one that is positively absurd in my case. They are pretty much required to ask though, and once we all get through laughing I will give my answer as to what I plan to do about birth control: not a thing.

We had lunch an Mary Chung's yesterday and Mary came over to admire the kids. Margaret is very popular at that restaurant, and this time around Duncan was awake too and got his share of compliments. I said, "I am very lucky." What else does one say when people are telling you how cute your kids are? Mary agreed that I was very lucky, noting that I had a girl and a boy. When she said it I guessed that she figured we were done having kids; enugent had warned me that people would expect me to be done after the second kid, especially since I had one of each gender. I suppose it's what most people want, and I'm happy to have it as my family so far, but I'm not ready to say I'm done yet.

When we started trying to have kids back in the mists of time (2004), the plan was to have three kids. I love kids, and Warren was happy to have a slightly larger than average family. We figured that three kids was the number we could manage without going crazy or broke. We did a little rechecking after Duncan was born, but our conclusion is still that we can handle three. The only open question is whether or not science can get me pregnant again. I'll be turning 40 in six months, and I don't want to rush to wean again. That means I'm probably going to be closing in on 41 before I do another IVF cycle. Sure, it's not mission impossible, but with my history... Any way you look at it, it make preventative measures for a natural pregnancy pretty moot. I'd like another child, and given how tough that will be to achieve even with the best science available there is no way I'd attempt to block my microscopic chances of a happy accident.

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