Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Training for the Great Betrayal

A little while ago Duncan had his first ever bottle. With Margaret I failed to introduce her to the bottle at an early enough age. That made for a stressful transition to the age of bottles when I went back to work for all concerned. I am eager not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and at 5 and a half weeks it was high time to boy learned to take a fake nipple. Luckily he took to it fairly well, the only concern being that the flow was a bit higher than he seemed comfortable with. (Note to self, check to make sure I had the correct nipple size on the bottle, it just occurred to me that it might not have been age appropriate.) According to popular wisdom, I need to give him at least one bottle a week from now on so that he remains familiar with the concept. I'm going to shoot for twice a week, every Monday and Friday, so if I flake out on one it is less likely to lead to a complete bottle strike.

(Oh, and another note to self: Introduce the concept of Jomkwan as a source of milk RSN, like Monday would be good.)

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