Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Breaking News: I Am Mean

I love my babies. The other night we all fell asleep together, Duncan nestled safely in the crook of my right arm with the right side "friend" in his mouth and Margaret with her head on my left shoulder. Mind you, this was accomplished with some contorting on my part, but a serious dancing hobby has many unexpected benefits, and the two of them are especially sweet when they are sleepy.

This morning we had a walk. Duncan was up at 6:30, Margaret was up at 7:30, and Jomkwan wasn't due to start work until 10am, so as the time neared 9am I was noting with glee that the weather was warm enough to employ my old standby strategy of taking a walk when I wasn't sure how else to amuse my progeny. Besides, you've watched too many dance videos when your toddler requests "Baapul". At least she likes the good stuff. So, the walk... I enjoyed it, Duncan seemed happy even though it wasn't as warm as it looked, and Margaret seemed happy enough for the first part. The way back was another matter.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I believe that Margaret has been experiencing the 'terrible twos' for some time now. Yes, I know she won't actually be two for a few months, but I have it on the authority of nearly all my friends with children that bright kids enter this phase way early. Anyway, it is no doubt my fault. First I was unreasonable and would not let her walk through Davis Square under her own power during morning rush hour. We got past that, and all was well until we passed our old (and still allegedly under reconstruction, not that it looks like they've made much progress and I doubt it will be open any time soon) playground. She wanted to get down from the stroller, which I was fine with. She walked to Broadway, then she wanted back up, so I put her back in the stroller, and she was OK until a block later, when she requested up. I got her out of the stroller, but she wouldn't walk, she wanted to be carried. Because I am an unreasonable, mean person I refused to carry her while pushing the double stroller, so I put her back in. She screamed the rest of the way home, and screamed loudly enough that both Warren and Jomkwan had to come check it out when we got home.

Margaret has been doing an incomplete job of training me lately. I must admit, there is something just wrong with me, and I find the sight of my daughter carefully lowering herself onto her belly in order to throw a tantrum more funny than terrifying or moving. I have also begun to infringe upon her right to throw things, especially heavy things like books in the vicinity of her baby brother. Also, I don't always follow her directions on the care of the infant.

I am sure we will get past these little rough patches. I wish I had a small, better faster camera so I could get more pictures of Margaret and Duncan. They were smiling at each other early this morning, and it made all the crazy things about two kids under two worth it.

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