Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

All about Duncan

There is a lot I'd like to write about Duncan, but I now have two kids under two, a piece of insanity that I am planning a post on, and I have a sibling relationship to safeguard, which also deserves it's own post later, so right now I will content myself with bits and pieces about our brand new little boy.

Duncan is an extremely mellow baby. This is a good thing, especially when you have an older sister who is still very young herself and has very definite ideas about the way the world should work. Duncan lays back and takes it all in stride. The only thing he complains about with any vigor is being cold, and it's February in New England so no one is blaming him on that score. We keep him bundled and he squeaks softly when he'd like the boob please.

We keep a hat on his head at all times. Did I mention the gigantic lump on his head? He came with a huge lump on his head, poor boy. The theory is that is from banging his head against my cervix, and that certainly matches what I was feeling from he inside. He ran out of headroom and now he has a lump from banging to get out. The doctors say it should go away over the course of the first month, but Warren has a lump on his head that didn't so there is a little concern there. They say the best thing to do to prevent it from calcifying is to keep his head warm. Since he is also pretty keen on warmth and since he is ten times more photogenic in a hat he wears them around the clock. Also I knit, so he a few hats to choose from.

A week into life he is finally starting to spend some time awake. This is a good thing, though obviously a mixed blessing since it means he is more often in need of attention at the same time as his sister. Luckily he takes everything in stride so far, including some extra vigorous rocking courtesy of his curious older sibling.

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