Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

No Baby Boy Yet

Bringing your toddler to the OB appointment where you complain about the muscle you pulled in your backside has the advantage that no one tries to tell you to stay off your feet. I really like the nurse practitioner I've been seeing this time. She is the polar opposite of nurse Pollyanna. Also, she walked me over to physical therapy and got me seen by them right away. They confirmed that it is nothing more sinister than a badly pulled muscled, agreed with me that probably the best thing for the muscle would be for me to have the baby already, and showed me a few stretches that I can actually do without my belly getting in the way. They also told me to apply heat or ice regularly, but I've been best friends with my hot water bottle since I did this, so that's not news.

I would dearly like to have this boy today or tomorrow, and given that I am posting this in the wee hours of the morning you would be correct in surmising that I am not sleeping well, but there are no signs of impending labor. Indeed, they boy seems like he would be content to stay where he is and solve his leg room issues by colonizing more of my ribcage.

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