Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Dear Baby Boy,

It’s one week until you are technically due to arrive, but I must admit to being impatient to see you. Your sister surprised me by coming a week early, so I suppose now it is your turn to surprise me by coming later. I would like to see you very much, though, so please do not wait too long. Your bassinette arrived this morning, the UPS guy was dropping it off on the porch just as I was leaving the house. This means you officially have a bed now, so we should be all set. In case you were worried, you also have clothes, many of them new. Some of them are hand made. The latest was just handed to me this morning, it’s a beautiful blue sweater made by firstfrost. Many of your things are blue, but this latest sweater has little duck buttons, which makes it extra-cute while still being masculine enough for a little boy.

It’s snowing outside right now, with thick heavy flakes. It’s late January and we live in New England, so snow is to be expected. It makes driving a little tricky, but if you were to decide to get born now I would not complain about the extra time it would take to drive to the hospital. It would make a nice contrast with the warm summer night when we drove there to have Margaret. The sky was clear, the moon was full, and the streets were empty. We took my old car, and your Daddy drove because I was busy having contractions every three minutes. We were so excited about having our first baby. When you decide to come we will make the trip in a different car (my new minivan), and it will be a different time of year, and other things might be different too, but I can promise you that we will still be just as excited. I think of it as being a little like Christmas. You don’t know what Christmas is, and we will no doubt leave you confused on the issue for some time because you have an atheist and a heathen as parents, but one day in late December every year there are presents. You know basically what is going to happen, but it’s still wonderful and exciting because there is loot! The loot I’m excited about right now is you. I don’t know yet just what you will be like, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be good loot just like your sister was. I expect that you will be different from her in many ways, but I expect that you will be no less wonderful.

Speaking of snow and winter and loot, you may be a bit concerned about the rumor that it is cold out here. While it is true that the outside temperature is down around freezing, we have a house to keep us warm, and in that house we have a fair amount of loot for you that is specifically designed to keep you warm. Loot like hand-knit sweaters. We’re also all big fans of snuggling in this family, and snuggling is a good way to stay warm. There are a great many people here on the outside who are looking forward to snuggling you. You are in no danger of freezing. Also, you may be interested to know that there is lots and lots of legroom out here, something that I understand is in very short supply in your current location.

I know I should be enjoying just being pregnant with you, especially since I don’t know if I’ll ever be pregnant again. Mostly I have enjoyed being pregnant with you, but things are getting decidedly cramped and uncomfortable for both of us. I’m excited about the idea of seeing you and starting to watch you grown as I have watched your sister grow. You probably won’t understand just how wonderful it is to watch your child growing until you have a baby of your own, just trust me that it is so much better than I imagined it would be. I had some dark days in the past when I thought I might never get this chance to have a child, to have more than one child, to watch them grow up together. Now, sometime soon, you will be born, and while I am not yet ready to say that our family will be complete, at least I will know that no child of mine will have to grow up lonely and that we will be a family of at least average size and of way above average love.

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