Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Have I mentioned lately that IVF is so worth it?

I’m tired and cranky and my hips hurt nearly constantly, but I have never been happier.

I love my little girl. I knew I would before I had her, but it’s still mind-blowing just how much I love her. That’s really the point of becoming a parent, as far as I am concerned, to have and nurture someone that you will love so very much more than you love yourself. There are certainly other people in my life that I love a whole lot, but with Margaret the effect is orders of magnitude larger. Even better, someday soon I will have a second child that I will no doubt love approximately that much. It’s hard to conceive of having two such people in my life, but if one child is this much wonderful you can’t blame me for being greedy and wanting to double it.

This morning Margaret woke up a little earlier than she had been and was interested in snuggling in bed for a while before getting up. Co-sleeping has it’s occasional downsides, namely when the toddler insists on sleeping crosswise between her parents, head-butting her poor father onto a narrow strip of mattress and pushing against me with her feet, but the snuggles more than make up for it. There’s no better way to wake up that spending a little while on a snowy morning snuggling as a family.

In other news, Margaret loves to clean things. This is a good thing, because our house could use a resident who likes to clean.

Oh, and here is a still shot that better shows off her sweater. This one was made by my mother for me back when I was a baby. Hand-knits rule.

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