Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

December Yarn Summary

Projects Completed in December

Baby Blue Ishbel
I finished the Ishbel that I started for Margaret in November and am very pleased with how it came out. It’s a large stocking stitch center with a small lace border. I like way the proportions work. The beauty of this is that she well never outgrow it. The pattern is meant to be a small shawl for a grown woman, something to wear as an accessory around the neck. Right now it makes a great large shawl for Margaret and should keep her warm when she’s dressed up for a dance or something. I need to get a better picture of it, perhaps the next time we dress her up in her navy blue dress.

Assisted Hatching Baby Sweater
I had nearly three balls of yarn leftover from the blanket I made for the boy. I toyed with the idea of doing the raglan sweater from the Debbie Bliss book I have yet again, but having used two of those sweaters on an actual baby I now have some issues with the fit of the pattern. Instead I devised this top-down raglan instead. This one is designed to fit more closely around the neck and be longer in the body. If the sweater survives stress-testing with an actual infant I intend to write the pattern up and put it on ravelry as a free download.

Burgundy Ishbel Beret
Since I made a hat for Warren’s brother George it seemed like I ought to make one for his wife as well. I have quite a bit of this yarn in my stash due to a Knit Picks indiscretion, and it seemed like a good excuse to try another pattern from Whimsical Little Knits. I didn’t have major expectations, but I am insanely pleased with how this came out post blocking. It’s not a great picture, but Margaret looked so good modeling it that I should probably make her one of her very own, perhaps for next winter.

Tulip Lace Ribbon Scarf
If you knit or crochet you are probably familiar with the sickness that hits in December, the sudden need to make hand-made gifts for certain special people. I really did want to make something for my mom. Since she also knits she has gotten the yarn for a sweater as a gift more than once. I figured it was about time I actually knit something for her. I had this skein of hand-dyed 100% silk sport weight yarn that I wanted to use on her. I love the color, and she would never use such an expensive yarn on herself. She really liked the finished product.

Green Tea Scarf
Since I was making a scarf for my mother I wanted to make one for my dad as well. I had the yarn left over from my February Lady Sweater. It’s a wonderful cuddly yarn, and the beauty of a scarf is as long as you have at least enough you can just keep going until you run out of yarn. I actually finished this on Christmas morning, which was fine since we didn’t open presents until late morning. The pattern is the Irish Hiking Scarf, which I picked since it was masculine and because other people on ravelry had nice examples of it done in the same brand of yarn. Sometimes it pays to be a copy-cat.

Navy Beanie
I still had 46 yards of the navy cashmerino aran yarn left over after the boy’s blanket and sweater, so the obvious thing to do was a matching hat. As it turned out, I was just a bit short, so there are four rows of pale yellow at the top, from a partial ball I had left over from a hat and sweater I made for Kaden, my sister’s little boy. I’m pleased with it, I like blue and yellow together, and I used up every last scrap of the navy yarn. I’m a little neurotic about using up leftovers, probably a holdover from when I was much younger and yarn was harder for me to afford.

Tiny Blue Shoes
I had enough yarn left over from Margaret’s shawl to make a pair of baby booties with, so I pulled out the tiny shoes pattern by Ysolda Teague again. Even in blue they are a little girly for the intended wearer, but given how many times I’ve had strangers assume Margaret is male when dressed in a blue dress I’m not so concerned about confusing people. I also doubt the boy will get to wear these for more than a couple of weeks. I went down to size 1 needles on them, and they are teeny tiny. That should make them perfect for keeping newborn toes warm, but I they won’t last long.

Projects Started in December

Lacy Top Cardigan
This is a crocheted cardigan that I started on Boxing Day, and I’m currently only half a sleeve and some blocking away from calling it done. I am still way faster at crochet than I am at knitting, but I am getting to the point where I considered crochet garments harder to do. I am pickier about fit these days, and getting and maintaining the correct gauge in crochet is triscksier. I sure hope this one comes out OK. I love love love this color of yarn, called Ember over Flame. I know it’s not the best color for me, but I am a sucker for a good red. It is a brownish red, so I think it will work well for me as reds go.

The Wind is Whispering Daisy Cardigan
I saw this limited edition color on the Sundara site in September and knew I really wanted it for a sweater for Margaret, but I didn’t managed to get around to starting the sweater until December 29th. It is knitting up wonderfully, though, and I expect to finish it this month. The pattern is the Daisy Cardigan. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn and I’m using sport weight, so I’m adapting it slightly. I’m also not doing the contrast edges with embroidered daisies either, since I don’t have a slightly different color to go with it. (The original shows a semisolid pink & yellow sweater with solid pink edges featuring the daisies embroidered on it in the main color.) I’m also planning on doing buttons instead of ties, so I guess it’s a fairly modified pattern, but the base pattern is just a nice top-down raglan cardigan with a picot edge, and I think just sticking with that will show off the hand-dyed yarn really well.

Ongoing Projects

I’ve done no work worth mentioning on either the Juno Regina scarf or the Shipwreck Shawl as a result of the holiday & new baby knitting madness. This was OK as it enabled me to get the last minute gifts finished on time. Now that the holidays are over I am going to be stricter with myself about making at least some progress on these two before starting new projects. I don’t anticipate finishing either one soon, but I figure if I insist on at least 5% forward progress on either one before casting on a shiny new project we’ll eventually knock one of them off the list of WIPs.


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