Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

More on the weekend of holiday photos and getting things done.

Have I mentioned lately that having an au pair is so very, very nice? I can't believe more people don't do it, especially since it's actually cheaper than most of the local day care options. Having Jomkwan when I went to get the photos done was a big help. Jomkwan got to wander off and shop while the actual photos were being taken, but she got back just as the photo shoot portion was ending, which meant that she could help supervise Margaret while I picked out prints and could also offer an opinion when asked. She liked different shots than I did and her choices grew on me after I left so I am really glad I asked. She was also willing to split up again after the photos for an hour so I could buy her gift (though that's not what I said I was doing), so the trip was successful on all. I didn't get much else done on Thursday, though I did purchase and erect an artificial tree, so it was a fairly productive day off.

(I'm sure if my blog were some popular Mommy blog someone right now would be firing up some comment about how evil I am not not give my au pair the day off when I'm using up my vacation days. Luckily for me my readership probably doesn't extend much beyond folks who know me in real life. Not that I would feel guilty about it anyway, because getting stuff done is so much easier with Jomkwan minding Margaret.)

Friday was Margaret's 18 month checkup, technically one week early, but close enough at this point. She got her H1N1 shot. Her doctor is impressed by her verbal skills. We are less impressed, but we have very high expectations on that front. Also, her verbal skills are nothing compared to her mind control skills. It was funny filling out the set of questions they had for us this time, though I usually find that funny in it's inappropriateness for us. Yes our child pretends to talk on the phone, yes she makes eye contact, no she does not do anything weird with her hands near her face. I know these forms are useful for screening for stuff and it's a good thing they seem almost amusing in the questions they ask. This time the form was clearly screening for autism, which Margaret shows no sign of. I wonder if they could make a world domination form for us to fill out. Does your child exhibit any powers that could be characterized as mind control? Does your child have much more charisma than you and your partner put together? Does your Blackberry's battery run low very frequently even when you're not using it? Do complete strangers do your child's bidding when you are out in public? That's the screening form we need.

Friday's list also included finishing the cleanup from Thanksgiving guests, which still needs work but is in much better shape. I also had my 32 week appointment with the OB. Everything looks good on that front. Mind you, it doesn't feel good, as the third trimester complaints have set in but good. I continue to have insomnia and chronic hip aches. My pelvis feels like and antique chair that needs re-gluing. The last part is probably a good thing, as I am planning on fitting a baby through there in about eight weeks. Still, we're certainly getting to the point where I am counting down until the end.

Saturday was too cold for the park, alas. I felt like such a wimp, especially after tropically born and raised Jomkwan had braved Friday's wind chills to take Margaret to the Children's Museum, but I was concerned about wee frost-bitten fingers. (I'm impressed with Jomkwan's new found willingness to go out in the cold, but I guess she's figured out that it's that or be trapped in the house with an active toddler until April.) I did purchase some presents for Margaret. This is probably the last year I can go shopping for presents with the child they are intended for present so I am taking advantage of it.

Today was good too. Margaret actually napped during dance practice, allowing Warren and I to actually get some practice in. It was even productive practice. We also found out that another team alum (Mary) is expecting a boy in mid-March, so the boom in people I know who are having kids continues.

Tomorrow's plan is to get cards and start dealing with that. Then it's back to my day job on Tuesday.

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