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Pictures with Bunny

So I was at the Burlington Mall at lunch today and saw something disconcerting. I work nearby, so this happens occasionally, especially when I have something I urgently want to purchase.

Like most malls, this one has a Santaland setup at Christmas time, where parents can bring there kids in to have them stand in line and sit on Santa's lap. The kids get to believe this gives them some face time with the jolly guy so they can explain their toy needs, and the mall sell the parents pictures. I find it vaguely sickening even though I went through this as a child and didn't mind at the time. Of course, at the time I believed that Santa really delivered the toys.

While I was there today, I noted that they had Santaland set up in the same place is had been in December. I was pretty sure that they had since taken it down, and I was also pretty sure that its currently March. But wait! This was not Santaland. The decoration was slightly different (though not much) and instead of a guy in a red suit, there was someone dressed up as a giant rabbit. Clearly this was some new evil, pictures with the Easter Bunny.

I find the spread of the Santaland practice to other holidays vaguely annoying. Of course, its a long time until December (or even November, which is when the Santalands start showing up). If this is going to be a regular phenomenon they'd need a holiday in the summer to do it for. Perhaps pictures with George Washington for the 4th of July? Well, that probably wouldn't work, it might actually be considered slightly educational. Really, I can only endorse this expansion of Santaland if it also involves swimsuit models pretending to be Venus and Cupid for Valentine's day.

I can also picture some Christians being up in arms about Bunnyland. I sure some of them already object to Santaland. Of course the stores will argue that the Easter Bunny is purely a secular symbol. That's where they're wrong; the bunny is from a pagan story. Of course almost no one knows that these days, an really the mall is just trying to make a quick buck. I find it distateful, but the most I'm going to do is make fun of them and vow that if I ever manage to have kids there are not going to be any pictures with some mall employee in a suit.
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